Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Too routine?

Recently I made a resolve with myself that, I can't sit at home mopping about having made no friends up here, so I decided that I need to go in search of other mummies. My problem? I'm writing this whilst the kiddo naps, there in lies my problem.

I read Gina Ford whilst I was pregnant and promptly thought it was most definitely not the route for me, I'm pretty relaxed, and Finn is so relaxed he's practically horizontal. However, once he's been awake for 2-3hours, that's it, he is whacked and needs at 2 hour nap. Now this rules out pretty much every playgroup, music group, library rhyme time due to their 9.30-10.30 starts. Luckily I've found one group that runs in the afternoon every other Friday which I'm going to this week, but do I keep him awake, struggle through the morning with a whingy toddler who won't enjoy himself? I've decided otherwise. Currently our mornings are lovely, so I think I'm just going to have to wait until he pushes his naps back a bit or is able to stay awake in the morning longer until I can go find myself lots of lovely new friends!

My sleepy bedhead boy.

Mel x

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  1. As you know i don't have a routine for Seb, its worked well for us and now he doesn't nap most days so i'm sure it won't be long before Finn drops his naps or changes when he has them.
    Its awkward that most groups are at that time!!