Monday, 18 June 2012

Blw "essentials"

To be honest, if you doing baby led weaning you need nothing more than a willing baby, a careful eye with salt and an ability to cope with mess.
However there are a few things, equipment wise, that may make your life a bit easier! After discussing this with a few mums on a blw group on Facebook, the list below may help a newbie bl-weaner!
Highchair with removable tray so they can sit up at the table, very popular is the Ikea Antilop highchair for the bargain price of about £15. I have the Mamas and Papas Pixi highchair which I love. I also used a bumbo in the early days too.

Muslins, for the floor to catch mess in restaurants, to tie round your babies neck when you've forgotten a bib, there uses are endless!
Oxo good grips mini dustpan and brush set, I'm yet to buy one but I think I might as Finn creates lots of crumbs, and you can pick them up for £5 odd from amazon. A lot of mums have this under the pushchair for post restaurant clean up too.
You don't 'need' any cook books per sae but if your diet isn't as fabulous as it should be and you need some meal ideas, then My Daddy Cook by Nick Coffer is fabulous, as is the BLW Cookbook, and my old faithful would be the Rivercottage child and todder cook book, I love it and have made many things out of it which Finn enjoys.

Freezer bags and tubs come in handy to freeze left overs.
I like coverall bibs with sleeves which I push up a little so they don't get covered in food, i also find they cover his legs slightly which helps with the mess, sleeveless bibs are popular too though, I have a SkipHop one which turns into its own little pouch which is great.
Summer Infant TinyDiner portable placemat. I found this a godsend in the early days, as I didn't use plates to start off with, still don't actually, so I can put Finns food on here and pull him up the table. It's fab in restaurants too as many of them have those wooden highchairs without a tray, so to avoid flying plates I pop is food on this. It has lip to catch food too, which the whole thing rolls up and tucks into. I love it.

Right must give Finn his staple lunch of Eggy Bread, I'll post about some "essential" blw foods soon.
I'm not sure how this post is going to come out as this is my first time using Blogpress from my iPad so I will apologise in advance!
Mel x

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