Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A fluffy birthday bum

For Finn's birthday party we decided on a nautical theme, and no birthday party would be complete without a matching nappy!

I put my name down for a Peach Pear Plum nappy back in February and only very narrowly got a slot for May.

I decided on a border cut with a cute little boat on the front, blue poppers
and, obviously, a 1 on the back. I'm totally in love with it, it's a good job all their slots are taken as I'd love another.

Needless to say however, it was on for half an hour before he poo'd in it!

Mel x


  1. Awww i love it!! So cute. I'm building my nappy stash, have about 15 so far :)

  2. That's a good stash!! Did you ever add yourself to the cloth bum mums Facebook group?? You stash will shoot up after that!! I love weenotions napoies x