Friday, 22 June 2012

Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitor Review.

I have been meaning to review the Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitor for ages. It's probably my top baby buy. Ever.

When I was pregnant the baby monitor market was a minefield, sound, movement, video, so many to chose from. I just wanted to be able to hear him, so I plumped for a tommee tippee basic one for about £20.

Then Finn decided to come 5 weeks early. Stepping into neonatal intensive care for the first time was like another world. So much noise, bells, whistles, alarms. I spent 17 days constantly watching Finns stats, listening to those beeps. I knew if he stopped breathing, even for a second.

We all know about SIDS and how to reduce the risk, sleeping on back, no smoking, baby at foot of cot etc. having a premature baby increases the risk of SIDS, and I happened to have one that rest to sleep any which way but on his front. So £80 lighter I bought this monitor. It has given me peace of mind everyday since. Especially fresh out of hospital. I have only just stopped using the SensorPad, and that was purely because I left it up north on a visit and had no choice. Otherwise I'd be using it still.

Product Details -

-Under-the-mattress SensorPad to monitor all your baby's movements, even the lightest breath
-Variable sensitivity settings, alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds
-Portable rechargeable Parent Unit, clip to your belt and monitor your baby on the go
-Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission and security with the unique combination of 8 channels and 2 frequencies
-Full colour digital display, batteries or mains operated


- You can select the monitor to 'tic' constantly, if it stops ticking, baby has stopped moving and off goes the alarm. I found it very reassuring, and very soothing.
- The temperature is show on the screen, you can set an alarm to go off it's too hot or too cold
- Easy to change frequency, as I found out when classical music starting booming through it and scared me half to death
- super long battery life. I charge this at night, it lasts a 2 hour nap in am, a nap in pm, then about 4 hours in the evening until I recharge it.
- the nightlight is just enough for a dimly lit feed.
- It has a good range, I used to sit in the garden and it worked perfectly well.
- volume control
- easy to chose settings from sound/movement/ticking or all three


- the only negative I have is you can't have it constantly on audio, the only setting is to pick up noise, so my mum hates it, when I was little she could hear me breathing over the monitor, this is silent until a noise is made. This only became noticeable to me when I turned the SensorPad off, it went from constantly ticking to silence. However I'm used to it now.
- it is a bit complicated, that's only because it has so many different settings, I did have the instruction manual out for a fair few weeks.
- this is only really if you're forgetful but if you pick the baby up out of the cot without putting the monitor on hold the alarm goes off. Thats not really a con as its only doing its job, it's just a bit annoying!
- no two way talk back, not that I see why you'd need that but competitors have it.
- no lullabies.

The cheapest I can find it at the moment is £79.46 on amazon. In my opinion it is worth every penny if you want/need that reassurance. There is also a video version of this monitor.

Mel x

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  1. I totally agree, this is a wonderful baby monitor. Loved it from the very first time we used it. Would also add that the range is extremely good. We tested it by taking the handset right to the far end of the garden and it was still in range an worked perfectly. Also love the thermometer feature too! I got mine on Amazon for that price, which is a bargain compared to other places I've seen it!