Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bad parenting

Those of you that follow me on twitter, will know from my constant moaning that Finn is one of them children that go on hunger strike often. Generally he eats well, if he can pick the food up with his pincer grip. however probably 2/3 out of 7 he doesn't eat enough to keep a sparrow alive and drops the food off his highchair with great contempt.

My dilemma is, do I try to feed him healthy, nutritious food on his off days, or do I feed him what I know he will eat, which is generally either cheese on toast, a mini pizza, petit filous or Cheerios.

The latter makes me feel like a bad mother for not giving him any vegetables or fruit, the former again makes me feel bad as I know he won't eat. I swear he's trying to put me in an early grave.

The doctor has finally listened to me and has referred Finn for his development and weight, he's about 12 weeks behind developmentally and his weight has stayed static for about 3 months now, so I am glad someone is finally listening to my concerns. Despite this he is the happiest child known to man and is so chilled out he's practically horizontal!

When he eats, he eats the most huge portions, when he doesn't eat, he eats nothing at all! Does anyone else little one do this, what did, what would you do?

The latter normally prevails, tonight was cheese on toast followed by two petit filous, least I know he ate.

Mel x


  1. Hi Mel, thanks for your lovely message! I don't think you should beat yourself up too much about his eating just yet, having cheese on toast and petit filous is good. Maybe try getting him interested in dipping things - my toddler is a very fussy eater and I sometimes have success with cutting grapes and other fruit in half and getting him to dip it in the yogurt. I also have the Annabel Karmel Fussy Eaters cookbook which has some great recipes. Finn looks adorable in those photos! xx

    1. I might try dipping thank you for the suggestion, maybe boiled eggs & solders. I'll have a look at that book, ah thank you, I think he's rather cute too!x