Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wean on me..


Sorry for my absence, Ryan has been away at interviews this week so I have been playing at being a single mum for a couple of days!

Finn is doing well with his blw and has now tried;

Cheesy pitta fingers//petit filous//cheese sticks//rice cakes//bread sticks//melon/clementines//chicken/panini//sweet potato//parsnip//hummus//carrot//sweetcorn fritters//pancakes//pasta//tomato's//pan fried apple//crumpets/jam on toast/philly on toast//porridge pancakes//banana//

Today he managed to gag on a bit of cheese and bring most of his feed up which was a bit scary but it didn't faze him and he stuck the rest of the cheese stick back into his mouth, gross child!

As I'm not evangelical about this blw lark I have tried spoon feeding him sometimes however he point blank refused to open his mouth, but give him a stick of something and he'll happily snaffle it down. The boy knows what he wants!

In the oven I have cheesy lentil wedges for his tea tonight hopefully he'll enjoy them.

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