Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 1 & 2 of Blw

I've started Finn on two 'meals' a day, I'm happy for these to chop and change each day as long as he is feeding himself twice, until he drops his milk feeds and I know he is getting some food in then we will up to to three feeds.

Day 1

Lunch - Eggy bread, we have no known allergies in our family and Finn didn't react to the eggs so we know then are fine!
Dinner - Roasted Veggies and pan fried apples. Bit of jabbing himself in the eye with these veggie sticks.

I thought on his first proper day of blw there might be some gagging which is to be expect but he didn't gag at all, he did cough up a bit of apple which went flying out on to the waiting dogs head though, I'm suprised at how well he handled everything to be honest.

Day 2.

Breakfast - Pre loaded spoons of petits filous
Dinner - Butternut squash spread on toast and some left over veggies sticks from last night.

I was amazed at how well Finn did with the pre loaded spoon. I dipped his spoon for him and then put it on the table and he pick it up and it went straight in his ear, then his cheek, then finally his mouth and each spoon after when directly in his mouth. He must of polished off nearly a whole petits filous and a little bit of my omelet too!

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