Sunday, 1 January 2012

An adventure in cloth

Before Finn was born I had planned to use reusable nappies, however as he came with such a shock, 5 weeks early and a dinky 3lbs 13oz, it is something I hadn't really thought about again until about a month ago and decided I'd try them out in the new year, so here we are!

I scoured many websites and looked into what I thought would work as the best nappies for us. I settled on pockets nappies which you stuff with an insert and has a waterproof outer so you don't need a separate wrap.

I invested in 14, a mixture from Wee Pickles and Tiny Nippers to start with as I plan to only use them in the day. If you wanted to use them full time it is suggested that 21 is the lowest amount needed, 7 ready to wear, 7 washing and 7 drying.

I can see how you could get carried away though, a baby in a reusable nappy looks gorgeous, take a peek at Finn's fluffy bum.

Do you use, or have you ever thought about using reuseable nappies?

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  1. I had a go with one of these before my toddler was toiler trained. I really liked them but wanted to get through the massive amount of disposables i had first (pampers and alot of the eco friendly range to make me feel more world saving mummy lol)
    I think though they are a brilliant concept and will definitely be using them with any subsequent babies my husband and I will have.