Saturday, 28 January 2012

Best laid plans

This week I had decided to increase Finn to three meals every day, Finn however had other ideas. He hasn't finished a bottle all week and has hardly any food.

Pesky teeth!

With Finn being so tiny anyway I've tried to get as much calcium and high calorie foods in him as much as possible but it's mainly been a stick of cheese here and a petit filous there.

So I thought I'd share with you my teething arsenal.

Sophie The Giraffe

I had heard much touted about this teether; made out of soft natural rubber, Sophie was 'born' in 1961 and has been a weapon of many parents for teething babies since. Sophie squeaks when gently squeezed (unless you plunge her in water like I did)  and has many parts to bit, chew and gum.

Finn seems to favour her ears and at mouth at the moment, but has had a chomp on her legs and back too.
I highly recommend this to any parent who many of tried many other products to sooth sore gums. I bought it Thursday and it has been pretty much glued to his mouth since, he totally loves it.

Manhattan Toy - Colour Burst Skiwish

One of my mummy friends has this for her little girl, and after Finn had been eyeing it up the other day I trawled the Internet and found it for £10 on amazon, in either classic colours, or colour burst.
It is a traditional toy made up of beads, rods and string. Perfect for being chewed on by babies and withstands much bashing and throwing and always returns to its original shape. I'm rather fascinated by it and so is Finn. Its great for little hands to grab hold of too.

Anbesol Liquid

Again this was recommended to me by another mummy friend. Anbesol liquid is available behind the counter at most chemists; it is an antiseptic and anaesthetic for relief of mouth ulcers, denture irritation and of course babies teething. You gentle wet your fingertip with the liquid and rub it over the gums. You can repeat this up to eight times a day, leaving at least half an hour before application.
I bought this about 2 hours ago and Finn has had his first full bottle in a week, so seems to be working very very well!!

I hope this helps if you have a grumpy teething baby like me!!



  1. I love that Msnhattan Toy, it looks really interesting! I've been really lucky with Seb so far, he hasn't been overly fussed by his teeth coming in but apparantly when the back ones come in i will know about it! x

    1. He's fascinated by it, definitely a good buy! Ooh you are lucky, fingers crossed the back ones don't give him too much jip x

  2. Sophie le Giraffe is a lifesaver!mjust don't out yours in the dishwasher though, it'll never squeak the same again! Xxx