Monday, 2 January 2012

The start of things to come

I couldn't tell you how I discovered Baby Led Wean but I would hazard a guess that it was whilst browsing the multitude of baby books on amazon.

With Finn being premature and the current guidelines of not weaning your baby until 6 months, I was happy to wait until he was 6 months correct before either spooning slop into his mouth or giving him fingers foods.

Given that I had read on various forums that baby rice has the nutritional value of wall paper paste, that blw greatly enhances development and that I didn't much fancy steaming, chopping, mashing and blending, blw seemed the natural route for us to go down.

Gill Rapey is the lady behind the science with much research and experiments with babies from 18 weeks. It is suggested that your baby should be able to sit unaided so that if they gag, which is likely,
the food will be thrust out.

To start with Rapey suggests chip shaped finger foods as at 6 months most babies can't purposely open their palms to eat what is inside, that said there is no reason why their first meal can't be spaghetti and meatballs.

As we had a break through with Finn today, he stole my rich tea biscuit out of  my hand and shovelled it in his mouth, tomorrow I shall be going full team ahead with the weaning, with the mantra that 'food before one is just for fun' ringing in my ears.

Yes it will be messy, yes he might gag, much food will go on the floor, but he will be eating what we eat, at the table with us, controlling the amount he eats by himself, I just can't wait to start.


  1. My daughter started wanting to eat everything at around 12 weeks!! So after giving it another week is started giving her some baby rice for breakfast in the mornings. Which she loved. Never bothered with what midwives said, you know what you child wants and when they are ready. They say wait until this age yet years ago they were telling people to wean them asap! Opinions change constantly but my child is the only one who knows her own mind. Baby led weaning if definitely the way to go! Well done and look forward to reading more. x

  2. We are really enjoying it at the moment and Finn seems to be taking to it really well. There is no way he'd of been ready any sooner than this, he's about 8 weeks behind everything with him being prem. x