Monday, 23 January 2012

Fluffy bum..

Oh my them cute little fluffy bums are just well, the cutest!

I had intended to just buy cheap reusable nappies, then I found the Cloth Bum Mum facebook group and that took me on a very fluffy journey of all these cute little nappies.

I have been very restrained and not ordered myself a custom nappy yet, you can chose the fabric, cut, embroidery, everything! However I think come summer when Finn is toddling about in just his nappies, well I might have to invest in one!

This is some of my current stash

I'm hoping some lovely mummies will send me some pictures of the gorgeous rufflebum nappies to share with you, seriously to die for!

Daisy over @ daisytheclothbummum is doing a give away for a fabulous give away until 25th at 5pm for a Rumparooz Wetbag, perfect for storing all them stinky nappies in!



  1. Hey hun we have just changed to fluffy bums, just wondered how do you get on with bedtime because our seems to leak every night :s got any tips ?

  2. Hi! I don't use them at night time yet, but I have been looking into it, the best combination seems to be a two parter, say little lambs bamboo or totsbots stretchy with a blueberry coverall, or any other type of wrap. Apparently fleece sleep suits are a thing wonder and you don't need a wrap but I'm yet to try it! Let me know how it goes!x