Monday, 20 August 2012

Just another messy monday

Today I had decided we were going to play with Oobleck, however I was being a little dim and decided to add cornflower to water instead of the other way round and didn't have enough cornflower. Plan B was shaving foam which went down very well!

I bought a can of 26p shaving foam and coloured it with food colouring, put it in bowls with various utensils and put Finn in the paddling pool to play with it.

The paddling pool was a bargain from Tesco's, £2.99 I think and it's perfect for messy play as it can be hosed down or showered off.

This activity kept Finn's interest for about 15mins, but he was fairly grumpy and tired before hand
 I was quite impressed that he didn't try to eat any of it either!

The sun finally decided to shine after our rainy day messy play so we went for a walk to the park and to the library.

I wasn't too impressed with our local library to be honest but it does the job, I think we'll try out Story Time there next week.

Do you do messy play activities? What's your local library like?

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