Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bit of a leap

Finn seem to have gone through a massive developmental leap of late.

On 4th August he started commando crawling, a week later he pulled up in the bath, and a week after that he learnt to roll and how to go from sitting to crawling and now he's very near to cruising.

I can't believe how quickly he has learnt all this, we have his development review in a few weeks time and I fear they may well laugh at me! However we're still going as I have some concerns about his feet, one points outwards at nearly a 45 degree angle when he's crawling, and it rolls inwards when he's trying to stand. Also despite the huge amount of food Finn eats, he hasn't gained any weight since way back in March, so I'm hoping the doctors will be able to allay my fears.

I'm so very proud of him for finally hitting all these milestones, I had a little cry when he learnt to roll, i've been waiting for it for so long!

I'm hoping walking won't be too far behind but if i know my lazy lump well enough, he'll be happy crawling for some while yet.

Mel x

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