Monday, 30 July 2012

Look again

No messy Mondays for us today, we had an appointment at the Health Clinic to get Finn's feet checked, or so I thought. Turns out our Orthopaedics appointment was actually for the Orthoptic clinic, slight difference, who needs their eyes testing?! Simple mistake right??

Finn has an intermittent squint, his left eye wonders outwards when he is day dreaming. so after a few tests, the eye doctor decided that he needs to wear a patch for about 30mins a day in the hope his lazy eye will strengthen and he has been referred to the hospital for further checks where they will dilate his pupils. Poor soul! I think I'll know that hospital like the back of my hand soon!

He seems to have taken to the patch quite well and wasn't bothered in the lightest!

We also met up with another mum today that I'd met on netmums which was lovely, Finn and her daughter got on really well, looking forward to meeting her for a coffee again soon.

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