Sunday, 12 February 2012

Grow baby, grow

Sometimes I look at Finn and think about how teeny tiny he is still, he's 15lbs 3oz now at nearly 9 months, probably about the size of your average 4-5 month old. Development wise I think he is around 10 weeks behind, technically he should only be 5 weeks 'corrected', however he stopped growing at around 30 week, and if you allow for the 2 weeks he could of been overdue then I think 10 weeks isn't too bad.

When I think about how far he's come, then he isn't really that small, unless you compare him to a normal 9 month old baby!

This is Finn little friend Emilia, born the day before Finn was due, quite a size difference! She must have a thing for older boys as moments before this she was trying to kiss him!

6-9m, early baby, prem baby,

1 week old

Look how huge that mirco nappy is!

My big boy! Learnt how to eat his feet yesterday, so proud!

Do you miss you little one being a tiny newborn?



  1. He is diddy! My six month chunk was 16 pounds at 11 weeks, so he is the opposite to yours. Now 20lb! Love reading your blog, and I tagged you in a post!

  2. He is, tiny little thing! Aww I love chunky babies they look so cute! I'll check it out, thank you :) x